Tacoma Service Issues

On Friday, July 10th, I had my Tacoma serviced at Round Rock Toyota in Round Rock, TX.

On Saturday, I found several, unacceptable issues.

Open bottle of oil left in engine

On Saturday, July 11th, I went into my garage and found that oil had dripped onto the garage floor.

I kneeled down and looked under my truck and found oil all over the drivers side lower control arm, the axle, the shock, inside the wheel, and on the rest of the suspension components.

I also found oil on the front skid plate, the rear skid plate, and all across the bottom of the truck all the way back to the rear differential.

I dropped the front skid plate to find an open bottle of oil laying in the skid plate.

I spent the next half hour cleaning up all the oil.

It looks to me as though this bottle was used to catch the oil that drips from the oil filter when it is removed. This is fine, however, it needs to be removed after the new filter is installed. Looking at the oil bottle, there are clearly burn marks on it which tells me that it was rubbing against a pully or against the belt. Also, who knows what else it was banging against when I drove the truck home on friday and then again during the day on Saturday. While driving, oil sprayed up into the engine and all down the length of the underside of the truck. You can clearly see wet oil remnants spotted all over the place.

Engine cover missing hardware

I also popped the hood to inspect the rest of the engine and found that the hardware that holds the engine over to the engine is missing. On the left side, there is supposed to be a post and some sort of nut to screw onto the post, but both the post and nut are missing. On the right side, the post remains, but the nut is missing.

Skid plate not reassembled correctly

My truck has a lift kit installed on it. As part of that installation, there is a 1 inch front differential drop. To accomdate this drop, the front and rear skid plate also needs to be dropped 1 inch. To make this happen, there are 2, 1 inch blocks on each skid plate that needs to be installed. The technician installed 3 of the blocks, but clearly forgot to install the forth. When I dropped the front skid plate, I found one of the blocks resting in it.

This picture shows the front part of the rear skid plate where it bolts to the frame. The spacer needs to be installed inbetween the frame and the skid plate as indicated at the red arrow.

This picture shows the spacer that I found and where it needs to be installed as indicated at the red arrow.

This picture shows the spacer installed correctly.

I realize that the front differential drop is a modification and it is differrent than a stock truck. However, the technician figured out how to reinstall 3 of the spacers so reinstalling the 4th spacer should be just as simple. The fact that the spacer was left in the skid plate tells me that he wasnt paying attention when he was reinstalling the skid plate.

I am very disappointed with the service that I received and I am disappointed with the condition of my truck when I picked it up. This lack of attention to detail is amateur. I worry about what other issues there may be that I have yet to find.