Castle Siege

by Darryll Rohr - Copyright 2010

Castle Siege is now available !

Castle Siege is a card-based game in which you play cards to an attempt to destroy the enemy castle and kill the king. Each card requires a specific resource to play (Stone, Recruits, or Mana). These resouces are accumulated based on the level of your buildings (Masonry, Barracks, and Shrine).

There are 15 different cards for each building type; for a total of 45 different cards. The actions of some of these cards include building your castle, wall, and shield, attacks to the enemy, healing your own king, increasing your resources, decreasing the enemy resources, and raising the level of your buildings.

Complete instructions on how to play can be found in-game.

Castle Siege is free!

Download the latest version HERE

View the latest readme HERE

You will need WINRAR or another extracting tool to unzip the Castle Siege file.


I embarked on writing this game because I wanted to see if I could actually create a game using C#. This game was inspired by Castle Wars and it seemed like an easy choice because I could create it without having to manipulate sprites. I spent about 140 hours creating this game, with the following break down:

  • 70 hours of coding
  • 50 hours creating the artwork (165 images)
  • 10 hours designing the cards, the decks, and populating the data
  • 5 hours of testing
  • 5 hours of trying to find free wav files that sounded good :)

The artwork took me so long to create because I am not an artist. But my skill with Painter 7 has increased well enough so that my engineer art doesn't look too shabby :)

These are the new topics that I had to research and learn to create this game:

  • Creating a game using C#
  • AI - defining and building the rule set
  • Multi-threading
  • Audio events
  • Additional data structures to hold and manipulate the game data
  • Card shuffling
  • Random card generator
  • Improved XML reading

About Me:

I have a degree in Computer Science and I have been a software engineer at Electronic Arts for almost 7 years. My primary focus has been in the Build and Release Engineer area. However, I have also taken on responsibilites in the Shell (using Unreal 3), Localization and other pipelines, Installers, creating game packages for Valve for release onto Steam, and Design scripting and support. While at EA, I have shipped/worked on the following titles:

  • Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight (PC)
  • Commanders Challenge (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Tiberium (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)
  • Command and Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath (Xbox 360)
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne (Xbox 360, PC)
  • Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (Xbox 360, PC)
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II (Xbox 360)
  • Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (PC)
  • Medal of Honor: European Assault (PS2, Xbox, GC)
  • Medal of Honor: Rising Sun (PS2, Xbox, GC)

Unfortunately, I was part of EA's recent layoffs so I am in the process of finding a new job. Fortunately, however, being laid off has given me the time to further my professional development by doing projects like these :)

If you have any questions or know of any relevant engineering positions, please feel free to contact me at :)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, bugs, or ideas for other applications, you can email me at: